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Robert Elder May 11, 2023

By total chance, I happened to think of this page again today and decided to check out when my last post was.  It was exactly one year ago today!  How time flies.

Robert Elder May 11, 2022

Oops, I just realized that I forgot to make new posts here... for almost 4 years.

Robert Elder September 15, 2018

Evolution Does Not Make Mistakes

Robert Elder June 11, 2018

Went to visit some social networking startup:

Robert Elder June 5, 2018

Went to the park:

Robert Elder June 4, 2018

http://book.robertelder.ca has been updated with a fully responsive layout.

Robert Elder Feb 15, 2018

What Is The Evolutionary Purpose Of Humour?

Robert Elder December 29, 2017

My nightmares now consist of standing in front of class and saying "OK class, we'll get started in a minute, just let me get my laptop set up", but then somehow 50 minutes has gone by, and I'm still frantically trying to get the projector turned on, and I can't find the quizzes that I printed out, and all my whiteboard markers are suddenly dry, and the whiteboard erasers don't work, and 5 people just asked me a question about a mistake I made in the assignment.

Robert Elder October 22, 2017

College is on strike tomorrow.  Guess that means I can pull an all-nighter drinking coffee, doing push-ups, and studying Complex Analysis.  Woo!

Robert Elder August 24, 2017

A Bigger Problem Than Income Inequality

Robert Elder April 29, 2017


Robert Elder March 3, 2017

Part 2 of My UW Journey is now available: Solo Founding A Software Consulting Business.

Robert Elder March 3, 2017

Why VCs Don't Fund Consulting Companies

Robert Elder March 3, 2017

So, You Want To Start A Software Consulting Company?

Robert Elder January 14, 2017

Technology is Terrible

Robert Elder January 1, 2017

I wrote a (true) short story: Barber Shop

Robert Elder April 22, 2016

Today I ran from my place (near Conestoga Mall) to Fairview Mall.  It took 1 hour 32 minutes on foot, and as soon as I got there I got on a bus home, which took 1 hour 24 minutes.  Conclusion: It's only about 10% faster to take the bus.

Robert Elder November 29, 2015

A semester of teaching at Conestoga College:

Robert Elder August 14, 2015


Robert Elder June 17, 2015

Do you know anyone who needs help with: Web Analytics; Business Intelligence Dashboarding; Amazon Web Services; Linux Server Administration; Building Web Sites? Let me know, because I do software consulting and contract web development work.

Robert Elder June 17, 2015

You can now log in to book.robertelder.ca: http://book.robertelder.ca/login

Robert Elder April 11, 2015

There are now emulators in 4 different languages for the One Page CPU: https://github.com/RobertElderSoftware/recc.  There is also a guide to assembly language programming on the One Page CPU now: http://recc.robertelder.org/op-cpu-programmer-reference-manual.txt.  I also created a page to better explain what this project is all about: http://recc.robertelder.org/details/

Robert Elder April 11, 2015

I've started keeping track of songs I listen to: http://music.robertelder.ca/

Robert Elder Feb 5, 2015

I took some time to learn Laravel and Angular.js since they're so popular these days: http://laravel.robertelder.org

Robert Elder June 19, 2014

Why did I delete Facebook? http://book.robertelder.ca/articles/why-i-deleted-facebook/

Robert Elder May 23, 2014

I did some writing about my university experience: http://www.robertelder.ca/my-uw-journey/

Robert Elder May 18, 2014

Hey guys, check out this new social network I started: http://book.robertelder.ca/